My Acne And Me

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t want to write this post and share it for the world to see.

Acne is something that makes me feel like crap, always has and for years I’ve hidden from it with clever use of makeup.

The truth is though, this is me, and this is my life. If people want to judge me for it then so be it.

Recently I found my confidence, not that it’s at 100% but at least enough to share with you how it makes me feel and how I face it (see what I did there LOL)

My name is Robyn, and I have suffered from cystic acne for many years, only recently did I find out the root cause.

Turns out, I have a condition known as PCOS, that’s polocystic ovarian syndrome if you haven’t heard of it.

Amongst other side affects, acne is one of the most common… At least it now all makes sense!

I thought I just loved food too much and had acne because I was unlucky HA!

Truth is though, inside it hurts. I always felt like it made me ugly and that people would judge me thinking I don’t look after my skin or that my skin was disgusting. I would never of dreamt of leaving the house without a full face of makeup and would always be envious of my friends that put in zero effort with their skin care yet still had gorgeously flawless skin.

Before being diagnosed with PCOS i would try everything to stop my breakouts, every clearasil product, I would douse my face in anything that had a hint of tea tree in it, all the best skin care products I tried it….but NOTHING worked. Now I know my skin problem is hormone related and not skin care related it has taken a huge pressure off and rather than trying to fix it I have accepted it and learnt how to completely hide it instead.

My cystic acne gets so bad sometimes that….and I can’t believe telling you this publicly, I have to lance it with a needle (I never thought I would tell anyone apart from my Fiance this let alone writing it for the world to see.

Sounds glamorous right! Get me on the cover of Cosmopolitan LOL! Anyway, this is my reality right now.

Do I leave the boils there sat on my face or at least do something to try and get rid of them, my answer is to do something.

Beyond that I have learnt to for the most part completely cover it with makeup. I use specific colour correcters (the strange colour concealers you see in the shops, green, pink, purple and yellow.) under my foundation to help camoflauge the breakout, you see certain colours cancel out the colour in what ever your trying to hide, so for instance green to hide red inflamed spots, yellow to hide bluish toned under eye circles etc.

This teamed with a good foundation for my skin and using the right tools gives the illusion of flawless, blemish free skin.

Well girls, I’m not perfect (clearly!) but this is me, I won’t hide it any more. If someone doesn’t like me for me, they don’t deserve to be in my life any way.

This blog is my life, my journey, my place to share. This is my SkinConfident, and I want it to be yours too!

I hope to hear from you to and would love to connect more.

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